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The Land: The east coast of the United States of America (USA) is comprised of the 17 States and the nation's capital. It is generally grouped into the regions:

It has a land area of 1,160,659 square meters, about 12% of the total US area.

The eastern US has two primary geographic regions the Coastal Lowlands and the Appalachian Highlands. Each region has three areas. The three areas of the Coastal Lowlands are:

  • The Atlantic Coastal Plain is very narrow in New England and broadens in the southern States.
  • The Gulf Coastal Plain stretches along the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Texas.
  • The Piedmont is a rolling plain between the Atlantic Coastal Plain and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Appalachian Highlands run from the northern tip of Maine southwest through Alabama and form a natural boundary that defines the east coast region from the interior plain. It consists of many mountain ranges. Its three areas are:

  • The Blue Ridge Mountain area is a narrow band of mountains from Pennsylvania to Georgia.
  • The Ridge and Valley area to the west and north of the Blue Ridge Mountain Area.
  • The Appalachian Plateau to the west of the Ridge and Valley area and bordering the interior plain.

Climate: Most of the eastern United States has continental climate. However, the southern east coast has a sub-tropical climate and the southern part of Florida is tropical. The New England area has cold snowy winters and warm summers. Winters moderate a little in the Middle Atlantic Region and northern South Atlantic Region, but the summers are a little warmer. The southern coastal region has long hot, humid summers and mild winters.

Population: The east coast population is about 98 million, which is 37% of the total US population. It is a highly urban region with 75% of the population living in urban areas. Population density of the east coast is 84 people per square kilometer and the US population density is 28 people per square kilometer. A population shift is occurring from the more densely populated northeast and north central US to the west coast and the south.

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